Student Org Extras

Check out a few "extra" resources below to help you better effectively manage your organization!

Tips Sheets

Download tips sheets for information on:

  • Team Building
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Making Meetings Exciting
  • Conflict Resoulution
Officer Transition
Managing Your Finances

Wondering what the best way is to manage your organization's finances? Check out this chart for the strengths and limitations for Off-Campus Bank Accounts, On-Campus Agency Accounts and UW-Stout Foundation Accounts.

Student Org Account Options

SSA and the Involvement Center highly recommend using an agency account over an off-campus bank account as there is less risk associated with it.  Agency accounts are great because you can use the university's tax-exempt status, easily turn management over to new officers and staff is here to support you through the process.

For information on setting up or managing your agency account see the files below.

For assistance with your agency account contact:

Risk Management

Risk is a part of life. But it's incredibly important to manage it and diminish the risk whenever possible.  If your organization is planing an event or program, make sure you've covered your bases to protect yourself, others and the organization.

Steps to Eliminate Risk

  1. Download the Risk Assessment Matrix
  2. Complete and determine if there is a level of risk associated with your event or program
  3. Apply simple risk management strategies to eliminate the risk
  4. Modify or eliminate activities that have an unreasonable level of risk associated with them.  If a certain level of risk still exists, have all participants complete a Risk Awareness Form.