The knowledgeable staff at the Involvement Center Desk can help answer many questions you may have for your organization or direct you to the proper resource on campus.  Below are a list of services offered across campus to student organizations.


Student organizations must go through UW-Stout Dining Services for any events held in the MSC or Price Commons.  Student orgs are eligible to receive 10% off the Catering Menu. To place an order email Rod McRae at


If an organization wishes to bring in an outside performer, speaker, entertainer or group, they are not authorized to sign any sort of contract that uses SSA allocated funds.  Entering into a contract in this way makes you personally liable.  Organizations must work with Emily Ascher on all performance contracts.  To start the process, complete the Contract Form on OrgSync at least four weeks in advance from the event date.  

Creation Station

The Creation Station is fully loaded with supplies for all of your poster making needs!  Stop by to use the die-cut machines for making your banners and posters. The Creation Station is open for use whenever the MSC is open.  So stop by and use it early morning to late evening!

Equipment Checkout

Card Readers and a digital camera are all available for check-out.  Complete the following OrgSync form to check out any of these items:

  • Card Readers: Use to track attendance at events with an easy to use card swipe (four available)
  • Digital Camera:  A Canon Digital Rebel XT SLR is available to take photos at your events (one available)

*The Involvement Center Desk staff reserves the right to use all video and pictures after your event for marketing purposes.

Banking Options

Organizations can manage their finances through various account options: off-campus bank accounts, on-campus agency accounts or foundation accounts. To help determine the best account for your organization, review the strengths and limitations of each here.

SSA and the Involvement Center highly recommend using an agency account over an off-campus bank account as there is less risk associated with it.  Agency accounts are great because you can use the university's tax-exempt status, easily turn management over to new officers and staff is here to support you through the process.

For information on setting up or managing your agency account see the files below.

Organization Emails

All recognized student organizations can use a UW-Stout email account to manage communication for their organization.  New organizations can request the creation of an email account through emailing Krista Proksch.

Existing organization members that need to gain access to their org email can refer to the Org Email Access Directions on OrgSync.

Organization Mailboxes

Each organization has a mailbox (Sport Clubs are located at Johnson Fieldhouse). Make sure you stop in frequently to check it.

Need the address for your mailbox? Use the following: 

Your Organization Name
106 Memorial Student Center
302 10th Avenue E.
Menomonie, WI 54751

Organization Websites

Every organization's OrgSync portal comes standard with a website builder, public URL, and website hosting to help increase online visibility.  Websites are easy to setup and updates automatically as content is added to OrgSync.  For organizations that have no experience coding websites, a standard template is available. For organizations that want to code their own website, the website builder allows them to do so.

OrgSync Support

Have questions on managing your org through OrgSync?  We're here to help!  We'll meet with you individually, with your executive board or attend one of your organization meetings. OrgSync also has a great Help & Support website at    

Poster Printing and Copies

All poster printing requests must be made through the online form here:

Each recognized student organization is allotted the following posters and black and white copies.

  • Copies:  25 single black and white copies PER MONTH
  • Event Posters:  100 color copies PER EVENT
  • Recruitment Posters: 100 recruitment posters PER SEMESTER 

Posters that are not for events or your one designated recruitment poster will not be printed at the desk.  Any other printed materials such as certificates, brochures, newsletters, etc., will need to be printed on your own or utilized through your designated black and white copies.  The Service Center in the MSC can provide printing services for your organization at a cost.

EVERY poster must include:

  • Organization Name
  • All Event Details (date, time, location)
  • A Stout email address
  • Statement that says "Not produced at taxpayers' expense" (Must be legible and large enough to view)
  • Logo for SSA if it's a SSA funded event. Download the logo here.

*Posters for events must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance of the event date or they will not be printed.

* Posters advertising events or meetings must also be created as an event in the organization's OrgSync calendar.  For assistance on how to create an event in your OrgSync portal, visit:  

*Posters cannot include any profanity, obscenity or reference to alcohol or violence.

*The Involvement Center Desk reserves the right to deny poster printing due to discriminatory or offensive content.

What happens to your posters after they've been printed?

We'll put them in your org mailbox for you to pick up at your convenience! (Sport Clubs are left at the desk)

  • Requests made before 5 p.m. Monday - Thursday will be ready for pick-up by 7 p.m.
  • Requests made after 5 p.m. on Monday - Friday will be ready for pick-up by 11 a.m. the next weekday.
Room Reservations

The MSC Conferences and Events team manages reservations for the following spaces: Memorial Student Center, Price Commons, Outdoor Spaces (Amphitheater, South Lawn, MSC Plaza, Commons Mall Plaza, Chalking Sites, Clock Tower Plaza), Sales/Info Tables, and Display Cases in the MSC.  

To reserve one of these spaces email, call 715.232.2000 or stop by 214 MSC.‚Äč

  • When reserving space, organizations need to be aware of the MSC Booking Procedure, which includes policies for late reservations, late cancellations and no shows.  
  • Student organizations can make room reservations for their recurring organization meetings by submitting a Blanket Reservations Request on OrgSync.   Organizations will be notified when this form opens and starts accepting requests.  It is usually in April for fall semester meetings and November for spring semester meetings.

To reserve space in academic classrooms email

To reserve space within the Sports Complex or Urec facilities visit their website. For Johnson Field House or outdoor fields specifically, contact Erik Johnson via email or phone at 715.232.4079.

Storage Cabinets

Student orgs can request a storage cabinet within the Involvement Center to store supplies and equipment for the year.  Space is limited, so it's  first-come, first-served!  To make your request for storage, please complete the following OrgSync form: