Who can join?

Any on-campus student can become a member. The only requirement for entry is that a $10 lifetime membership fee must be paid. Members must attend the weekly meetings, which are held on Wednesday nights.

All members must complete an established number of production hours to be able to attend the end-of-the-year field trip. Members are required to have 30 hours to be considered an active full-time member. Production is when the group as a whole works on a job, for example, screen printing shirts for a fellow student organization.

Once a student becomes a member, he or she has an opportunity to show management and leadership by campaigning for a position on the executive board. There are several positions, which require specific duties:

  • President – preside over weekly meetings
  • Vice President – coordinate annual field trip
  • Accounts Manager – perform customer service duties (estimates, quotes, etc.)
  • Production Managers – oversee production
  • Records Manager – update membership records, production hours, minutes, etc.

Why Join?

  • STS is a very well known organization in the Graphic Communications Management industry and therefore looks excellent on a resume.
  • Great networking opportunities.
  • Meet new people on campus.
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills.
  • Learn how to use equipment, facilities, etc. that may not be available in classes.


Ted Bensen - Advisor 
About Ted
Barbara J Bear - Advisor 
About Barbara
Danielle N Bye - President 
About Danielle
Jessica M Wisniewski - Records Manager 
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Brianna N Ferguson - Vice President 
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Kelly M Kornmann - Production Manager 
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Mitchell K Nelson - Project Manager 
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Shelby K Kannel - Production Manager 
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Julia R Ward - Accounts Manager 
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