The Stout Typographical Society (STS) is a student-run organization for students who are interested in printing, graphics, and communication areas. STS is one of the oldest organizations on campus. Established in 1926, STS was originally created to print the Stoutonia, the campus newspaper. STS consisted of 30 male members and was run like a fraternity. Each member endured a week of initiation duties. Once the new members were inducted into the organization, participation occurred at three different levels. Each member started as an apprentice and worked his way up through hard work and dedication to the organization.

STS has always given students an opportunity to learn more about the Graphic Communications Management major. Stout Typographical Society strives to give all members a chance to do production work, have substantial involvement in all printing areas, make friends, and learn the basics of teamwork. STS has always worked with local businesses, on-campus departments, student interest groups, and clubs to raise money for our end-of-the-year field trip. This trip allows STS members the chance to meet with potential employers and see how the "real world" works.

Stout Typographical Society has changed a lot since 1926, but the quality of the products and the original concepts are still the basis of how the organization is run today. STS is still a student-run organization, but there is no longer any initiation. Both males and females that are interested in the Graphic Communications Management program are welcome.

STS has always and will remain a prepress to postpress operation. This organization uses Stout's modern facilities and equipment. Companies within the printing industry have donated most this equipment. With the ever-increasing number of students interested in the printing industry, STS plans on continuing the success that has been achieved in the past.