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Emily R Marzofka - President 
About Emily
Brett P Holman - Vice President 
About Brett

I split my time between breathing fire, building rocket ships in my secret laboratory, and chilling in hammocks by the river. My favorite color is gray (I'm colorblind), and I love winter camping (subzero weather is soooo cool).

Brett Holman


Dylan J Christopherson - Secretary 
About Dylan
My name is Dylan Christopherson and I'm a Freshmen in Computer Engineering. Joining IEEE has been a tremendous benefit to me both professionally and academically. It's a great opportunity to learn new things both within my major and about other relevant technology.

Christian Loera - Treasurer 
About Christian
Salutations ya'll, I am a junior in Computer Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Stout. I like to think that this major is like sandwiches since everything I like goes on sandwiches and pretty much all I enjoy doing is in this major; programming, soldering, crying, problem solving, puzzles, etc. A quick tip for freshman in any type of engineering program, laminate your notes as soon as possible so when your tears fall on them they don't smear the page.

Robert A Batzler - Outgoing President 
About Robert
I'm a senior in Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. I am interested in embedded systems, robotics and aerospace projects. My favorite part about Stout is all the lab courses we get to take and all the hands-on projects that we get to do. I am also really interested in space and would love to go there one day. Projects I have worked on include a quadrotor "drone," a 3D plastic printer and a CNC machine. I really like IEEE because it focuses on learning things that are not always taught in the classroom, and on expanding your education no matter what part of your life you are in. In my free time I read books, watch science fiction shows, play sports, play video games and make chainmaille.

Michelle C Miller - Outgoing VP 
About Michelle
I'm a senior in Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. My favorite part about being a engineering student at Stout is the personal projects and being involved with IEEE. My ideal career would have me dealing with a variety of programming languages and applications, because I love learning new things. In my spare time I crochet, cook, and watch SciFi/Fantasy TV shows

Nicholas A Gauvin - Outgoing Treasurer 
About Nicholas
Abigail K Peterson - Workshop Coordinator 
About Abigail
I'm a junior in computer engineering here at Stout. I love learning about computer hardware and design, and I enjoy IEEE because it allows me to share what I know with others. Outside of computers, I like to spend time with my cats, Oskar and Polo.

Nate J Solyntjes - Scandinavian-American Studies 
About Nate
Hello, I'm a super senior in Computer Engineering, looking to finish up in December 2017.

Elizabeth J Freymiller - Junior Web Designer 
About Elizabeth
I'm a Freshman in Engineering Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Marc-Anthony Velasquez - Workshop Coordinator  
About Marc-Anthony