Menomonie Disc Golf Skill Development

One of the Stout Disc Golf Club's goals is to help our members, UW-Stout student body, and the community to increase their disc golf skills.  We do several things to accomplish this:

1.  Instructional DVD's at the Stout, Menomonie Middle School, Menomonie High School, and Menomonie Public Libraries.  For new comers to the game, Disc Golf: Getting the Edge is a good introductory video.  The second video (by far the best) that beginners to advanced absolutely must watch is Disc Golf Fundamentals: Learn to Play the Champions Way.  There are other instructional and tournament DVD's available, but these are your best bet to get you started.  Approximately 25 videos will be available at the Stout Library by March.

2.  Links to other Educational Websites.  Throwing Charts and Rules    

3.  Professional Disc Golfers hosting local clinics.  We have invited big names of the PDGA tour to come teach us such as Dave Feldberg, Avery Jenkins, and Valerie Jenkins, all multiple time champs of the largest disc golf championships and tours.  Here is the article from the Leader Telegram coverage: Page 1  Page 2

4.  The Quad Putting Practice Course.  The 5 hole campus putting and approach course.  Bring a stack of identical putters and practice various shots to build up your muscle memory.  Play games such as around the world, target game, horse, ring of fire, and more with your friends.

5.  The Multipurpose Field.  This field, when available, makes for an excellent driving range.  Bring your drivers and practice backhand, forehand, tomahawk, rollers, hyzers, anhyzers and more.  Throw from one end to the other and back.  Use the yardage markers from the football field to gauge how far you are throwing.  Any open area will do, but being able to determine distance is a nice feature. 

6.  The Brickyard Disc Golf Course.  The Stout Disc Golf Club's Brickyard Disc Golf Course was designed to accommodate players of all skill levels.  Two permanent tee pads, two permanent baskets, and several pin positions per hole make for a different course each time you play it.  Play short to short when you are beginning or test your distance AND accuracy by playing long to long.  Mix it all up playing short long, long short, long long, short short, etc. on different holes and you'll have thousands of layout combinations for this course.  Our putting plateau allows players to practice putting with around the world markers, and DiscShoes (like horseshoes), plus lead off to the first tee by threading the needle on our warm up hole.  Make a day out of it by bringing some food to barbecue on our grill patio.  Water is available by the dog park entrance.

7.  Other area courses.  Menomonie Middle School is a great beginner and intermediate level course that is fairly open with elevation.  Lambs Creek at the Pioneer Grill and Saloon is fairly tight and can be a challenge traversing hills, ravines, and the beautiful Lambs Creek.  Wakanda Park is a well groomed and well balanced intermediate/advanced level course located along the shore of Lake Menomin.  Tower Ridge in Eau Claire provides for advanced/pro level play on two 18 hole courses traversing cross country ski trails.  Axldog Acres in Boyceville is also very challenging and noteworthy.  There are many other courses in the Chippewa Valley, Twin Cities, and across the Upper Midwest.  Find them at or