In the Spring of 1991 the Alpha Chapter of Phi Theta Chi was founded at Winona State University, however prior to this date Phi Theta Chi was known as a different sorority. Phi Theta Chi formed after a local sorority known as Delta Xi Gamma chose to split into two separate sororities. Half of the Delta Xi Gamma Sorority became Sigma Sigma Sigma and the other half created Phi Theta Chi.

The Gamma Chapter of Phi Theta Chi at University of Wisconsin Stout was founded by Gina Haas and Christa Valley in 1997. Both Gina and Christa were initiated and attended school at Winona State University for some years but ultimately decided to transfer to University of Wisconsin Stout and thereafter the Gamma Chapter of Phi Theta Chi began.

Since the official founding at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 1997, the Gamma Chapter of Phi Theta Chi has inducted over 100 members. The organization continues to grow and works hard to maintain the standards and beliefs for which it was founded.


The yellow rose is the official symbol of Phi Theta Chi Sorority while the organizations colors are kelly green and royal blue.