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Where materials make it happen. 

Since 2011, the UW Stout chapter of the Materials Research society has served as a resource for students interested in the science that drives technology. We act as an advocate for student research by holding workshops, demonstrations and events where students can network with their peers, professors and industry leaders. Materials science is an interdisciplinary field encompassing chemistry, physics and engineering and we encourage collaboration through hands-on learning. 

Why Research Materials ?

Materials science and engineering is study of matter and its applications in technology. Every day, we interact with many different types of materials that are chosen to meet the needs of a specific application. We are often affected by materials science without realizing it! Semiconductors power our electronics, vulcanized rubber helps our tires grip the road, and structural steels and composites make our planes lighter, faster and stronger. 

Materials often impose a fundamental limitation on technology, and our interest is to push the limits of technology to engineer a stronger, safer and more sustainable world. 

What We Do 

Each semester we engage in a variety of activities including:

  1. Guest Speakers from Industry and Academia 
  2. Research in chemistry and physics
  3. Graduate School
  4. Research Opportunities
  5. Attending the National MRS Conference 
  6. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 
  7. K-12 Presentations at Menomonie 
  8. Wisconsin Science Olympiad 
  9. Group Workshops 
  10. Cleanroom training, Scanning electron microscopy 
  11. Nanodays

Who We Are

We are a highly interdisciplinary group. All majors are welcome to join us. We currently have applied science, plastics engineering, engineering technology and packaging engineering majors. 

The UW Stout Materials Research Society is free to join. In order to be considered a member, you must be in good academic standing and (maintain a GPA of at least 2.0.)

Thomas J Palof - Former President 
About Thomas
Cody C Lang - Former Secretary 
About Cody
Roy M Lindsay - Former Secretary 
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Marlann M Patterson - Faculty Advisor 
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Matthew A Ray - Faculty Advisor 
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John Kirk - Faculty Advisor 
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Alan Scott - Faculty Advisor 
About Alan
I'm a superhero...if you don't believe me just Google "Alan Scott".

I come from a family of 7 kids. My family roots are in Ohio. I love being an arm-chair political pundit. My research interests are in Science Education issues. I've written a book called "Addicted to Placebos: Understanding Science and Society". This book can be checked out from the UW-Stout library, public library in Menomonie, or purchased at Lulu.com.

I've been living in Menomonie for 14 years. Married to Monica and have two kids in Middle School - Rachel and Austin.

Kyle K Anderson - Vice President 
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jamie L kuhns  
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Michael J Loes - Treasurer 
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Nicole K Moehring - President 
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James T Schroder - Former Treasurer 
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Leo O Radke  
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