Stout Student Chapter Constitution



The name of the organization shall be the Institute of Packaging Professionals - Stout Student Chapter (IoPP-SSC).


The Institute of Packaging Professionals - Stout Student Chapter shall be affiliated with the Institute of Packaging Professionals - Minnesota Chapter.


The purpose of this Institute is to be of service to the Packaging Major and Students and to promote the Institute of Packaging Professionals - Minnesota Chapter.



Membership in IoPP-SCC shall be open to all persons. Voting membership shall be open to all paid members of IoPP-SCC.


Application for new membership shall require designated application dues.

Section III: DUES

Dues shall be thirty dollars ($30.00) annually. This fee includes national membership and membership to the UW-Stout IoPP Student Chapter.


Part 1: Faculty members and any other person in the packaging field shall be eligible for honorary membership.

Part 2: Honorary members shall be elected by a simple majority vote.

Part 3: Honorary members shall have a voice, but no vote in the IoPP-SCC. 


IoPP-SCC shall have one advisor with voting rights in the event of a tie as approved by the Executive Board.



The elected officers of the IoPP-SSC shall be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity/Membership, Events Coordinator, Fundraising, Web Master, and Assistant Web Master.


Part 1: The duties of the President shall be, but are not limited to:
A. Chair all the meetings of the IoPP-SCC
B. Enforce due observation of the constitution
C. Oversee all program committees
D. Create Agendas for all Executive Board and General meetings
E. Maintain a relationship with the National Chapter of IoPP
F. Maintain a relationship with the Minnesota Chapter of IoPP
G. Forward relevant information from the University to the Executive Board
H. Organize and run annual election of officers

Part 2: The duties of the Vice-President shall be, but are not limited to:
A. Chair the meetings of the IoPP-SCC in the absence of the President
B. Provide organizational leadership when the President is out
C. Assist the President with various tasks
D. Arrange and Contact speakers for the IoPP-SCC meetings

Part 3: The duties of the Secretary shall be, but are not limited to:
A. Record and report the proceedings of all General and Executive Board meetings
a. Keep one copy of each minutes in the IoPP Secretary binder
b. E-mail a copy of the Executive board minutes to the Executive Board and advisor after each meeting
c. E-mail a copy of the General Meeting minutes to the Webmaster after each meeting so that he can put them on the web page
B. Post all minutes in designated locations
a. On IoPP board outside room 128 AA
b. On cork board in hallway outside of teachers offices
C. Write formal thank-you letters for all speakers and trips

Part 4: The duties of the Treasurer shall be, but are not limited to:
A. Administer the finances of the IoPP-SCC
B. Keep an accurate account and record of the IoPP-SCC Checking, Savings, and SSA Accounts
C. Write up and organize the annual budget for the Stout Student Association (SSA) budget hearings (This will happen in the Fall Semester only)
D. Collect and keep record of all dues paid by members
E. Have the IoPP checkbook at all IoPP-SCC meeting and pay for the food at the meetings
F. Reimburse board members of expenses. Reimbursement is only plausible with documentation of purchase
G. Keep a receipt book, one receipt shall be for the party with whom the business is conducted and one receipt for the Treasures permanent records

Part 5: The duties of the Publicity/Membership shall be, but are not limited to:
A. Post signs and notices for the IoPP-SCC for their upcoming events and speakers at least two weeks in advance
B. Take roll and keep a record of attendance for all meetings. Attendance for the general meeting should be copied and distributed to all of the Packaging teachers mailboxes

Part 6: The duties of the Events Coordinator shall be, but are not limited to:
A. Plan and organize all events for the IoPP-SCC. This includes social and educational events. Pack Expo and the student Jamboree included.
B. Order all food for meetings and/or work with the company so that food will be provided for the meeting
C. Responsible for overseeing all community service activities. (The Holiday Giving Tree, Ect.)
D. Work with the Vice-President in finding companies to come and speak at meetings

Part 7: The duties of the Fundraiser shall be, but are not limited to:
A. To organize and carry out all fundraising events for the IoPP-SCC. It is required to have several within an academic year

Part 8: The duties of the Web Master and Assistant Web Master shall be, but are not limited to:
A. To keep the IoPP-SSC web page up to date with current information and graphics. This includes changing the meeting minutes as necessary so that the members may stay informed.
B. Take care of the mass e-mails. This includes keeping the list up to date with the correct e-mails and sending e-mails out when necessary to keep the people informed
C. Update the web page as necessary
D. Work with other board members to obtain accurate information for the web page
E. Work with the Assistant Webmaster so that they are informed as to what is going on and can fill your position as necessary

Part 9: The duties of Every Executive Board member shall be, but are not limited to:
A. To attend all IoPP Events, Meetings, and Social Functions
This includes, but is not limited to:
a. General Meetings
b. Executive Board Meetings
c. Social Events
d. Pack Expo
e. Student Jamboree
B. Keep the webmaster informed so that he/she may post all information on the IoPP web site


Nominations of officers for the IoPP-SCC are open to any voting member of the Institute who has been a member for at least one semester and has an all-university grade point average of 2.25 or above.


Part 1: Election of officers shall take place at a designated meeting at the end of the semester. New officers shall take office after the last meeting of the semester. 

Part 2: Election of officers shall be made by a simple majority of the votes. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes for each position shall be elected.

Part 3: The new officers shall remain in office until the completion of their elected term, except in cases of resignation or removal from office.


Part 1: The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers and one IoPP-SCC Advisor.

Part 2: The Executive Board shall carry out Institute business not requiring voting action by the entire membership.

Part 3: The Executive Board shall meet at least once a month to conduct Institute business. The board shall not carry out action unless at least five Executive Board members are present. At least one of the five members has to be the President and/or Vice-President.

Part 4: After elections have been held at the end of the year for the next year's Executive Board, there shall be a "Hand-Down" meeting. At this meeting the two Executive Board will meet and discuss procedures and what is expected of the new Executive Board. Also, each position will meet with the newly elected for that position and go over the details for that specific position.


Part 1: Officers who are be voted out of office.

Part 2: A vote of five Executive Board members shall impeach and remove any Executive Board member with just cause provided that the member has been given written notice of the charges and an opportunity to defend him/herself.


Part 1: When vacancy occurs in an elected office, a successor shall be elected as soon as possible according to the rules of Article 5, Sections III and IV. There is an exception to this rule if the Positions of President or Webmaster becomes vacant (See Part 2).

Part 2: If the position of President becomes vacant then the Vice-President has the option to accept the position of President before the rules of Article 5, Sections III and IV take place. This is also true if the position of Webmaster becomes vacant. The Assistant Webmaster may accept the position before the rules of Article 5, Sections III and IV take place.


Part 1: A quorum is not required to conduct a meeting, but a quorum is required to vote.

Part 2: A quorum shall consist of one-third (1/3) of the total membership.

Part 3: A vote shall consist of a member who fulfills all membership requirements.


The parliamentary authority to conduct IoPP-SCC meetings shall be Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, unless otherwise stated in the constitution.


Amendments to this constitution shall:
A. Be in writing
B. Be read and discussed at an Executive Board meeting
C. Have at least a five person vote in favor for adoption