Welcome to GreenSense

We are a collective group that think in a similar mindset about the earth, the environment, and want to see change in our town by promoting environmental and sustainable awareness though campus and commuinty wide events.

UW-Stout Student Environmental Organization since 1990

What We Do:

* Galloway Creek clean-up
* Adopt-a-Highway clean-up
* Campus Clean-up
* Recyclable Art Competition
* Film Festival
* RecycleMania
* Earth week!
* Sponsor environmental speakers

How We Practice:

* Come with great ideas to share
* Be active on campus
* Everyone is welcome to join
* No membership fee


Meetings: During the Spring 2014 semester we meet on Mondays, 7PM in RM 142 in Jarvis (the new science building). 

The only times we won't meet at that time are when we have our highway and creek cleanups- we'll meet at 5PM ( or a pre-planned time )on those days and then we'll carpool to the cleanup sites.