Applying For Funding

The process for applying for SSA funding is managed by the Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) of the SSA.  For a general overview of the process and policies download the FAC Standing Policies.

Types of Funding

. Annual Budget Process

Organizations should use this as the primary source of applying for funding.  The FAC sets a deadline for this process on an annual basis.  Organizations are applying for funding for the upcoming academic year through this process, not the current year.

. Contingency

The contingency fund is determined on an annual basis by the FAC and is only available if there are unspent funds from the previous year.  Money in this fund varies and in some years there may not be money.  These funds are to be used during the current academic year.

. Just-in-Time (JIT)

JIT funding is used if an organization has an extraordinary need that arises and was unforeseen at the time another budget process was open.  Funds for JIT events are pulled from contingency monies and are therefore only funded if money is available.  

2016 - 2017 Budget Timeline

Click on the chart below to download the 2016-2017 Budget Process Timeline. 

Application Process & Deadlines

Annual Budget & Contingency Process

  1. Submit the budget request by the deadline.  Late budgets will not be accepted.  For help on how to submit a budget in OrgSync visit here.
  2. Sign up for a budget hearing by the deadline.  Failure to sign up results in a denied budget request. 
  3. Send at least one member to present the organization’s budget proposal at the hearing, where the FAC can listen to details and ask specific questions.

*The Contingency Process has additional guidelines to follow for the application process.


1. Annual Budget Process

  • Application Opens: November 15, 2016 
  • Due: January 30, 2017 

2. Contingency

2016-2017 has three opportunities to apply. Please contact the FAC Director with any questions.

  1. October 17th at noon (for events July 1 - December 22, 2016)
  2. November 14th at noon (for events December 23, 2016 - April 15, 2017)
  3. February 20th at noon (for events April 16 - June 30, 2017)

Just-In-Time Process

  1. Complete the JIT Application on OrgSync any time prior to April 10th at noon
  2. The FAC reviews the application at their next available FAC meeting.  (See here for when the FAC Meets)
  3. The applicant will be invited to present their needs at a time scheduled by the Director of Financial Affairs.
Factors That Impact Funding Decisions
  • Funded events must be open and available to all UW-Stout fee paying students.
  • On campus events will be given the priority over off campus events, as they will impact a higher percentage of the student population. Examples of on campus events that can be funded (not an all-inclusive list): concerts, speakers, workshops, lectures, comedians, recruitment, etc.
  • Benefit to the UW-Stout Campus.
  • Events must fit within the mission of the Student Organization.
  • Collaboration and co-sponsorship between organizations.
Funding Policies

The FAC must adhere to multiple policies when determining what can be funded:

  1. UW-System Board of Regents Financial Policy Paper 50
  2. Standing Policies of the FAC
  3. Viewpoint Neutrality:  The viewpoint espoused by the group is not taken into considerations when making funding decisions.

To maintain funding throughout the year:

  • Events must be advertised in all: academic buildings, residence halls, dining facilities, the MSC, and Campus Life Today.
  • Events having an application to participate must be available for at least 2 weeks prior to the application deadline.
  • An SSA identifier must be on all advertisements using Segregated fee funding.
  • Follow proper procedures outlined in Attend to Spend by the account manager.
  • Proof of event and advertising must be submitted with receipts for reimbursement.
  • Annual reports must be complete before an organization can receive new funding.