Advise an Organization

Advisors are critical to the success of student organizations and an involved and committed advisor goes a long way! Below are resources to help navigate the waters of being a student organization advisor.


The student organization advisor serves in voluntary or assigned capacity to the recognized student organization and provides guidance, direction, advice, advice and continuity to the members of the organization.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Maintain an awareness of the activities and programs sponsored by the student organization.
  • Meet with the officers of the student organization on a regular basis to discuss upcoming meetings, long-rang plans, goals, and problems of the organization.
  • Attend general meetings and executive board meetings of the organization as often as scheduled.
  • Provide direction in the area of parliamentary procedure.
  • Assist the organization treasurer in monitoring expenditures and fundraising activities to maintain an accurate and up-to-date account ledger.
  • Assist in new officer training or refer to Involvement Center staff members.
  • Maintain contact with Involvement Center staff to assist promotional leadership development programs and the compilation of student organizations.
  • Explain and clarify policies and procedures that apply to the organization (i.e. Organizational Code of Conduct, SSA spending guidelines).
  • Inform organization members of those factors which constitute unacceptable behavior on the part of organization member, and the possible consequences of said behavior. Consult with Involvement Center staff regarding behavior and other concerns about the organization.
  • You are a required Campus Security Authority (CSA) under the Clery Act. This requires you to report crimes when you become aware of them. Your email will be forwarded to the Campus Clery Liaison who will provide you with the guidelines on reporting and referral services available to students.


All student organization advisors must complete the Advisor Agreement on an annual basis. This is done each year during the student organization renewal period from September 1-30th.

Steps to Submit the Advisor Agreement

  1. During the renewal period, the primary advisory will automatically receive an email from OrgSync with the subject line New Forms to Complete from the student org(s) you advise.
  2. Open the email and click the green “Fill Out Forms” button.
  3. Complete the Advisor Agreement Form and hit "Finish"
  4. You'll then be directed to a new page where you'll see your form says "Ready to Submit." Click the green "Finish" button to complete the entire process.

Click here for a screenshot of the process.

Advisor Manual

The American College Personnel Association (ACPA), has developed a standardized Advisor Manual as a resource for all advisors. Review the manual for information regarding benefits, advising styles, do's & don'ts, event planning, parliamentary procedure and more.

ACPA Advisor Manual

Advisor Roundtables

In an effort to assist student organization advisors in their role, the Involvement Center coordinates two Advisor Roundtables per semester. Below are dates for the fall semester. Advisors will receive meeting invitations via Outlook from Kelsey Tempas, Graduate Intern in the Involvement Center for all roundtables.

  • Tuesday, August 30th from 11am-12pm: Advisor Kickoff: Your Role Through the Year, Willow/Walnut, MSC
  • Wednesday, September 28th from 12:15-1:15pm: Applying for a Budget, Birch, MSC
  • Wednesday, November 16th from 12:15-1:15pm: Event Planning & Risk Management, Willow/Walnut, MSC

General Support

The Involvement Center is also here for general support for all student organizations. If you have questions regarding advising, policies, OrgSync or general org support, please feel free to contact Krista Proksch, Involvement Coordinator, at or 715.232.1765.

Advisor FAQ's

See below for the most frequently asked questions of advisors.

There's been a change in advisors. What needs to happen?

Have the organization leaders update their OrgSync portal's profile. It's required of the organizations to update their profile anytime throughout the year when there is a change in officers, constitutional updates, advisor changes, etc. Once a student organization inputs the the current advisor's name and email, the advisor will automatically be sent an email to review the organization's profile and submit the Advisor Agreement form.

I'm unable to advise the student organization anymore. What should I do?

Email Krista Proksch and the SSA Organizational Affairs Director to let them know you're resigning as the advisor. Once an advisor resigns, the Organizational Affairs Committee of the SSA gives orgs 30 days to find a new advisor before losing rights of a recognized org.

Do I have to submit the advisor agreement every time I receive a Review Request from OrgSync?

No you do not! Advisors only need to submit the agreement once a year (during the renewal period or whenever you begin as the advisor). Due to the way profile updates work in OrgSync, you will always receive an email every time the organization makes a profile update. You can review it if you wish as a way to keep yourself informed on what changes, but you do not have to click the "Submit Review Form" each time.