OrgSync is a great tool that makes managing your organization a whole lot easier!  Not sure what OrgSync is all about? Check out our video below!

Build a Better Org // With OrgSync! from UW-Stout Memorial Student Center on Vimeo.

OrgSync Training

We make training easy!  Request a personalized training for your organization. We're happy to come to one of your student org meetings or set up a separate time to meet with you!  Make your OrgSync training request one week in advance on OrgSync at:

OrgSync FAQ's

OrgSync has a great online Help Desk for any and all of your questions. Visit the Help Desk at We've laid out some of your most common questions though below!

How do I gain administrator access for my portal?

To become the administrator of a portal, you need to request a promotion from an existing administrator. For instructions on how to promote a user, see "How do I add portal administrators" below.

If all the current administrators have graduated or left the portal, you will need to contact the Involvement Center Desk directly.  Contact them at or 715.232.1772 or visit the Involvement Center.

How do I add portal administrators?

Watch a quick video here!  Or read below.
There are two ways to add an administrator to your portal, depending on if they are already a member or not. 

  1. If the user is already a member, select the 'People' module along your portal's left-hand navigation. Next, click on the user you would like to promote. On the right side of the page, click the 'Manage' button next to the 'Groups' section. Clicking this will provide a list of your portal's existing groups. Select the administrative group to add the user as a portal administrator. This will instantly provide the selected user administrative access. 
  2. If the user is not a member, you will need to invite them. To do this, click 'Invite People' in the top right of your portal's homepage. On the resulting interface, you will be prompted to enter three things.
  • Group: The group the user(s) will be added to. Select the administrative group from this dropdown.
  • Message: A message included with the invitation.
  • Emails: The email address(es) of the user(s) you would like to invite.

Whenever the user accepts your invitation, they will be added as an administrator of the portal.


How do I update our organization's OrgSync profile?

Updating your oorganization's profile is required any time you have officer, meeting, advisor, or constitutional changes within your organization, in addition to the annual renewal process.

Only an administrator of your portal can update your portal's profile. If you are not an administrator, please reference the above.

  1. Hover over the wrench icon on the right side of your portal's top menu then select 'Organization Settings.'
  2. This will default to the 'Profile' tab. This is where your organization profile information is stored. 
  3. Click ‘Update & Renew Profile’ at the top of the page.
  4. Next, walk through each of the pages included on your org's registration form and submit. This will send a request to SSA.  As soon as they approve your request your changes will go live. 

How do I add a cover photo, profile photo or social media links to our portal?

Updating your portal settings allows you to customize the way your portal looks with specialized photos, welcome messages, footers, and social media icons.  

To access your portal settings, hover over the wrench icon on the right side of your portal's top menu then select 'Organization Settings.'  Here are a few helpful tips to know!

  • Cover Photos:  The image must be in jpg, png, or gif format with a recommended size of 2000 pixels wide by 320 pixels tall.
  • Profile Photos: Update this by choosing Update Profile. Make sure to go all the way through the form and click ‘Finish.’  Recommended size is 215 pixels by 215 pixels.

Remember, OrgSync is a valuable recruitment tool!  All new students are directed to OrgSync to search for ways to get involved. An organization portal that hasn't been updated with the correct contact info, photos or a welcome message, isn't going to be very appealing for new students!