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Jennifer Lee - Associate Director, Memorial Student Center 
About Jennifer
Jennifer Lee - Associate Director Memorial Student Center

In my job I have the privilege of working with all of the amazing professional staff in the Involvement Center and the MSC as a whole. Student success is what drives us and I absolutely love working with UW-Stout students as they realize their potential and learn and grow through involvement!

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding:
* Involvement Center services or staff
* BOLD Project activities - Building Opportunities for Leadership Development
* Leadership development opportunities
* Organization budgeting
* OrgSync Budgeting
* General student organization questions
* Comments, concerns, or ideas about the MSC as a whole

I look forward to being helpful in any way I can!
Contact me at:

Emily A Ascher - Campus Activities Coordinator 
About Emily
Emily Ascher - Campus Activities Coordinator

I am lucky enough to work each day with student organizations and fun campus events. The fun starts each fall with Orientation events and lasts throughout the year with all sorts of fun planned by you... student organization leaders! No matter the idea, we are excited to help you with the steps necessary to planning an excellent event.

Contact me with any questions your organization has regarding:

• Managing the Details of Planning Your Next Event
• Contacting/Contracting a Speaker, Band, or Entertainer
• Scheduling a Film Showing on Campus
• Homecoming

Email me at to schedule an appointment.

Daniel Degallier - Civic Engagement & Greek Life Coordinator 
About Daniel
Civic Engagement and Greek Life Coordinator, Memorial Student Center

Megan DuFrane-Groose - Inclusion and Peer Outreach Coordinator  
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Krista Proksch - Involvement Coordinator 
About Krista
Working with all of our student organizations is one of the best parts of my job. I love talking to students about ways they can get involved on campus, coordinating events for orgs, and educating students on the capabilities of OrgSync! I work with a great team of students at the Involvement Center Desk who are all ready and eager to help your organization!

Feel free to contact me at with any questions your organization has regarding:

• Starting a New Organization
• Renewing your Organization
• OrgSync Training and Support
• Involvement Center Desk Services
• Fraternity/Sorority Life
• Leadership Awards
• Family Weekend

Rhonda Rubenzer - Student Org Accounts Manager 
About Rhonda
I am the Student Organizations Account Manager! :-) I love my job and working with the students and staff here is AWESOME! I help Organizations spend their Allocations, work with Contracts and Stoutonia, SSA and BDP. Here are some of the things I am happy to help you with:

• Travel Plans and Forms
• Purchasing for your Organization
• Questions on your budget or spending
• Questions with Contract Payments
• Stoutonia Ads, Invoices and Payroll
• Forms needed for all of the above

I am looking forward to talking with you! Please e-mail me at to schedule an appointment. Thanks and have a Fabulous Day! :-)

Nicole Schuch - Involvement Center Graduate Intern 
About Nicole
I am extremely excited to work with you all and begin to learn more about each of you! I am here at UW-Stout to complete my graduate internship while attaining my Student Affairs Administration masters degree from UW-La Crosse.

Feel free to contact me at for:
*Help With OrgSync
*Involvement Center Front Desk Services
*Student Organization Resources

You can come stop by my office, room 112, in the Involvement Center within the Memorial Student Center to ask a question or say hi :)!

Kelsey Tempas - Involvment Center Graduate Intern 
About Kelsey
I am so excited to be completing my graduate student assistantship here at the UW-Stout Involvement Center! Student involvement is something I am super passionate about and I am excited to work with the wonderful students here. I am studying Student Affairs Administration online through UW-La Crosse.

Contact me with any questions you may have about:
• BOLD project activities
• Leadership development
• Fraternity and Sorority Life
• Assessment
• MSC Social Media
• Stout Ambassadors

I am happy to help answer your questions! Stop by my office in the Involvement Center (MSC 112) or e-mail me at

Alexander J Vernon - President, SSA 
About Alexander
Hi there! I'm Alex, a senior here at UW-Stout and President of our student government, the Stout Student Association (SSA).

Here at UW-Stout, we pride ourselves on our Polytechnic designation and applied hands-on learning within the classroom and beyond. Additionally, we are proud to utilize a shared governance system where students, faculty, and staff are able to have voice on-campus. That's where SSA comes in - recognizing student organizations, allocating student segregated fees, and standing up for your voice as a student. Making the decision to attend UW-Stout, we as students are truly lucky to embark on such an enriching educational experience that sets Blue Devils apart from others.

Being a Blue Devil is more than just a name, it's about what values we all share.

Blue Devils respect and value other's opinions, even if they disagree.

Blue Devils challenge themselves to enrich our learning experience by becoming involved on-campus within our 167 recognized student-run organizations.

Blue Devils work towards developing a global perspective and intercultural competence, understanding our world and each other.

Blue Devils are there for each other - no matter what.

I invite you to join the rest of us in sharing these values, while cherishing your own unique values that make us all Stout Proud.

Darrin Witucki - Director, MSC 
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Shelly A Hendrickson  
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Patrick D Lytle - Organizational Affairs Director, SSA 
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Director of Organizational Affairs for the Stout Student Association

Benjamin Markl - University Conference Coordinator 
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Involvement Center  
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Stephanie M Zengler - Financial Affairs Director, SSA 
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